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Post  Ghost P. on Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:14 am

Pr asked me to create an profile in the UCTT forums. So, U can't touch this ( Known as UCTT) is an popular bulgarian forum where it have many plugins,skins, spirtes and many more. Also it have many skins from the old FPSBanana (Before the CS Section to be deleted). OK, I will create an Chrome Corp Profile in UCTT, which can be used from all members of Chrome Corporation. UCTT have rules as every other forum and they are the same as in this forum. I only want from you to write only on English or Bulgarian, because every other langauge is not tolerated in UCTT. You can get a BAN if you don't follow the Rules!

So, I am expecting an valid e-mail addres from pr or anyone, just must be valid.

Regards, Ghost P.
Ghost P.
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